how to hide friends on facebook app

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How to hide friends on Facebook app




Privacy is one of those large concerns of Facebook, but lately FB implemented lots of new configurations for keeping up a consumer's privacy.

Users may also manually conceal a standing from certain men and women.

Were you aware you may also conceal your buddy list? It is true.

If you do not want strangers to see your buddy list, then you just have to hide it out of them. It is quite simple. It's possible to use the improved Facebook privacy settings to alter your buddy record's visibility.

1 thing that I have noticed if you maintain your buddy list public is that a lot of men and women see that listing and begin adding buddies





  • Open Facebook in desktop or mobile
  • Tap the menu icon (it looks like three horizontal lines) which is in the upper right for Android or in the lower right for iPhone or other
  • Tap Settings & Privacy menu
  • Tap Settings on it
  • Tap Privacy Settings there
  • Tap "Who can see your friends list?" You'll see several options, and can click More > See All for a full list of options. Select one option from this list:
  • Public: Anyone can see your friends list
  • Friends: Only your friends can see your friends list that you see
  • Only you: Only you can see your friends list
  • Friends except: All friends except the friends you selected
  • Specific friends: Only friends you've selected
  • Specific lists: Next you'll see groups of people listed, like close friends or friends in your area. Exactly what shows up here will vary, but will include lists of people you're associated with. If you'd like to select more than one list, you can do so using the custom option on the website.
  • If you've selected Friends Except or Specific Friends, you need to click Done once you've selected the people you want to have access to your friends list.
  • Click the back button in the upper left to save your options and return to settings you are done !!

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