How to cancel Paypal payment

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One question that comes up quite often with regards to automatic payments and how to cancel it is "why should I cancel automatic PayPal payment?". Why not?

Automatic payment is a great way to make money. It can bring in extra cash at the end of each month to help you pay bills and meet the expenses of your family. A growing number of families are using automatic PayPal payment to get more money into their pocket and for other reasons.

They get an automatic payment every month from PayPal to use every month without thinking about it. One thing is for sure, when they click their card and watch it come out of their bank account there is nothing like this they can compare it to. With PayPal money there is no more worry of putting the card in their wallet and counting the money out for each purchase.

Automatic PayPal payment is a great way to get the money you need into your pocket and to pay some of the bills you may have so that you do not have to be afraid to use credit anymore. With automatic payment you do not have to worry about going to your bank or credit union and you do not have to be afraid of a hold on your account. The automated money transfer system will send you a payment right on time and you can save all the details and work you need to do on the computer. You are not going to have to pay attention to where your money is going to go, all you need to do is put in your payment and that is it!

If you have a monthly bill and you have had it for a while then this is one way to take it off your plate. So, when you are stressed about it going into your next month to pay it is not so stressful. This gives you a break from trying to manage a lot of money and the worry of losing your job.

There is nothing worse than waiting on a paycheck to come in every month. Most people make the mistake of not getting their bills out on time or trying to wait till payday to send out their payment. With automatic PayPal payment it gives you the opportunity to pay some of the bills and get your paycheck early.

Once you learn the ways to use automatic money transfers and how to get money from PayPal you will be able to see how easy it is to make extra money for yourself and your family. You will see how much money you can save on these monthly payments and you will learn how to use this money to pay your bills and even save some extra.

Now you know how to cancel the automatic PayPal payment and you can take control of your money so that you do not have to worry about missing your payment and paying late. Using this money 






Go to paypal.Com and Login into Your Account.




Click on Settings Icon.





Click on the Payments tab option  as shown in Picture 




Click on Manage pre-approved payments. It's in the center of your Browser window.





Click on the payment  “Name like Godaddy or Fastspring “you want  to cancel names will appear here





Click on Cancel option. It's next to "Status" under "Billing Details."





Click on Yes to confirm. This confirms the cancellation of the recurring Automatic payments for Future




Press -Cancel Automatic Payments   and you Are Done !!!!!!!!!!!


Yere A reference video also for you to Understand better-









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